Sheer Talent vs. Technical Enhancement

In this day and age there are many ways to produce and make music. Music has gone from being only availible through a live performance of Mozart to creating notes, sounds, and effects all digitally through a computer. The question one might ask is if the musical talent has been steadily decreasing and the knowledge and uses of techonlogy and becoming overpowering. The following posts will take time to examine this question and each point of view.

     I myself tend to favor the more sheer musical talent side of this argument. I am an experienced guitarist and a beginning Mandolinist and can greatly appreciate amazing talent in musical performance when I hear it.



~ by jcain on March 12, 2007.

One Response to “Sheer Talent vs. Technical Enhancement”

  1. I’m liking where this is going…I’ve asked myself the same questions before. It seems to me like alot of artists who are talented don’t sell out because they won’t sell out and do the kind of music a computer cranks out in just a few mintues. And the proliferation of sampling doesn’t really help much. Though, I must say, though it may not be the most amusing on a cd, it would be hard to find people who wouldn’t just be floored to see some of the talented people you’re talking about live.

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