Technical Enhancement vs. Sheer Talent (Cont.)

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In the previous article I talked about how it seems as if less importance is put on being a “good musician” and more is put on how good your recording equipment is. Unfortunately today the music industry is littered with sub par artists who can make themselves sound good and appeal to their audiences and distract everyone from the true musicians that deserve more respect and attention than the public gives them.

I have always said that I will not admit that a band is “good” until I hear what they sound like live – with no (or limited) audio enhancement. To use the band Yellow Card as an example, (and I hope I don’t offend any of their fans), they are terrible live. In their defense they put on an amazing show at their live performances with their violinist doing backflips and impressive lights and stage effects. However, the sheer vocal and instrumental aspects of the concert are well below par. The beauty of live performances is such that the unacceptable audio is somewhat masked by the impressive visual entertainment. Yellow Card is a decent band that can write catchy songs and appeal to what the teen population wants to hear. However, they lack what performers like Monte Montgomery (a very impressive but not very popular guitarist) have mastered. I would advise listening to some of his music on the internet if you appreciate amazing guitar, clever lyrics, and an impressive back-up band.

Everyone knows about singers like Ashlee Simpson and countless boy bands who either lip sync or use synthesisers and voice correctors to make their voices pierce the hearts of 12 year old girls. Don’t get me wrong, I think the advancements in music technology through the years have been incredible. We are now able to manipulate music in such a way that would make peter frampton’s jaw drop if he heard it back in the 70’s.

Technology is like medicine. It can be used and it can be abused. It can greatly help music and fix casual errors to make recording easier and improve the overall sound of a musician. It can also take the place of the true music. What makes great music great is not how well the man behind the glass knows how to manipulate knobs and buttons; its when someone can sit down with an instrument and amaze his/her audience with nothing but their raw talent.

All music today seems to have its special place in society and every age group and ethnic race likes their own styles. Nothing, however, can replace that overwhelming feeling of refreshment one gets when exposed to true musical talent in a world overly crowded with fake wannabes.

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One Response to “Technical Enhancement vs. Sheer Talent (Cont.)”

  1. Once again, great atricle, but who are some more of these overlooked artists?

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